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We Are Also Distributors/Dealers Of GUNJ GLASS WORKS LTD . Gunj Glass Is The World Class Glass Manufacturer Using ( Belgian Technology ) On European Plant . In Addition To Glass Manufacturing, They Also Process High Quality Value Added Safety Glass.

1.Tempered Safety Glass

Use Of Glass Is An Essential Feature Of Modern Architecture . Scientific Research Has Made Available A Large Variety Of Glass In The Market . Now A Days Most Popular Variety Of Glass Is Tempered Safety Glass.

Exclusive Features Of Tempered Safety Glass:-

  • Strength:- Tempered Glass Are Almost 5 Times Stronger Than The Standard Glass . It Can Not Be Easily Broken.
  • Harmless:- If Hit Very Hard It Breaks Into Small Fragments , Which Minimize The Chances Of Major Injuries.
  • Safety:- Glass Is Safer For Earthquake Prone Area.
  • Ultimate steel:- Use of steel Grills In Windows Makes Building Looks Very Ugly And Obstruct Outside. Tempered Glass Is An Excellent Solution To This Problem. Steel Grill Can Easily Cut By An Intruder Whereas Tempered Safety Glass Cannot Be Cut . If An Intruder Tries To Break Tempered Glass It Would Create An Explosion Type Noise Thereby Alerting All The Residents.

Uses: The Use Of Tempered Glass Is Mandatory In Multi-Storied Buildings, Plazas And Public Places Like Banks, Hospitals,Schools ,Hotels, Restaurants, Jewelers, Shops, Bakery Shops, General Stores, Air-Ports Etc., In Many Developed Countries. Besides, It Is Also Used In Glass Furniture, Shower Cubicles, Cooking Range, Microwave Ovens, Cars, Buses, Railway, Wagon And Many Other Articles.

2.Solar & High Performance Low-E-Glass:-

Low-E Glass Stands For ( Low Emissivity Glass ). One Side Of This Glass Has A Special Metal Coating, Technically Known As Low Emissivity, Or Low-E Glass Is A Type Of Insulating Glass, Which Increases The Energy Efficiency Of Windows By Reducing The Transfer Of Heat Or Cold Through Glass.That Means In Winter Your House Stays Warmer, & In The Summer It Stays Cooler.This Type Of Lass Is Available With Us.

3. Alfapen Energy Saving Double Glazed Glass:-

Energy Is Becoming More And More Expensive . Double Glazing Provides An Excellent Solution To Keep Your Building Cool And Also Ensuring That Noise Level Remains Low. Double Glazing Has Quickly Become One Of The Most Popular And Useful Form Of Glazing World Wide.
Double Glazing Is Essentially Two Layers Of Glass Placed Together In A Window Frame And Sealed With Special Chemicals Imported From Germany / Italy . Between Both Layers Of Glass , A Space Exists , Therefore Reducing Heat Transfer Through Glass. When Glass Panes Are Placed Together , They Are Known As Double Glazed Units Of Glass . The Glass Has Thermal And Acoustic Properties , Allowing It To Form An Excellent Source Of Insulation Whilst Simultaneously Allowing The Light To Enter Your Home And Office . It Noticeably Helps To Reduce Your Electricity Bill . A State Of The Art Plant From Germany/Switzerland Of Bystronic-Lenhardt Has Been Installed To Produce IGU Units.