Features & Benefits
Alfapen Pakistan
A joint collaboration between Alfpen Pakistan & Alfapen Turkey.
EUROPEAN STRENGTH,Quality, Experience & Expertise local presence.


Exclusive Alfapen 40 year Profile Warranty

  1. Rust Resistant : Specially Chemically Coated To Resist Corrosion.
  2. Sound Insulation : Reduces External Sound And Noise Impact Due To Our Innovative Gasket & Brush Mechanism Thus Reducing Noise Level Up To 58 db.
  3. Water Resistant : Builtin Water Channels In Profile To Ensure Drainage.
  4. Maintenance Free : Virtually No Wear & Tear “Wipe & Walk”.
  5. EPDM Gasket : 3 Gasket System For Dust & Insect Protection.
  6. Fire Tested : Profiles Are Fire Resistant And Self Extinguishing.
  7. European Brushes Are Used For Maximum.
  8. Reinforcement Is Achieved By Usage Of Galvanized Steel To Resist High Wind Loads & Lasting Life Span.
  9. Thermal Insulation Is Achieved By Employing 3 Chamber Profile.
  10. Accessories : High Quality Imported Accessories.
  11. Weather : Minimum Effect Of Severity Of Weather Changes.
  12. Lightweight : Assures Easy Manageability & Longer Life.
  13. Security : Specially Designed 3-5-10 Gear Locking System Ensures Safety, Furthermore The Profiles Are Also Poor Electricity Conductor.
  14. Humidity : Resistant Water Absorption Rate Is 0.1% Which Confirms To DIN 18055 Standards.
  15. Environmentally Friendly Is Also Weld-able & Recyclable.
  16. Cost Effective : Long Term Saving.

Why is uPVC important for Building & Construction

  1. Strong & Lightweight.
  2. Cost Effective.
  3. Energy Efficient.
  4. Low Maintenance.
  5. Fire Resistant.
  6. Environmentally Sound.
  7. Security.
  8. Acoustic Reduction.
  9. Weather Resistant & Protects From UV Rays.
  10. Recyclable.
  11. Durable & Lasting.
  12. Chemical Resistant, Rust Proof & Eliminates Corrosion
  13. Dust & Insect Proof
  14. Water Resistant

Long Life

  1. UV-Protection.
  2. High Impact Resistance.
  3. High Chemical Resistance.
  4. Salt Water Resistance.

Perfect Insulation

  1. uPVC Has a Low Thermal Conductivity.
  2. Excellent protection against environmental influences....(wind, rain, sound pollution,...).

Latest Global Market Opinion

  1. World wide the trend is clearly in favour of uPVC windows.
  2. For Environmental Reasons.
  3. For Commercial Reasons.
  4. uPVC Windows Are Adaptable To Meet Any Architectural Requirements.

Fire Resistant

  1. uPVC Is Inherently Difficult To Ignite & Stops Burning Once The Heat Source Is Removed.
  2. Temperature Required To Ignite uPVC Is 150 Deg C Or Higher.
  3. uPVC Has Slow Rate Of Heat Release And Limits Spread Of Flame As They Do Not Drip.
  4. Slow Smoke Emission Rates.
  5. As Chlorine Is Constituent Of Alfapen uPVC It Is Self Extinguishable.
  6. Limiting Oxygen Index Test Gives uPVC A Value Of 50 While Flexible uPVC Has A Value Of 23-36 As Compared To Wood Which Has A Value Of Less Than 22. (LOI Is The % Of Oxygen In The Air & Anything Over 21 Should Not Burn @ Room Temp).

Our Capabilities

  1. uPVC Windows & Doors Systems.
  2. Customized Fabrication.
  3. Glass Lamination.
  4. Double & Triple Glass Glazing Options.
  5. Expert Installation.
  6. Colored Profiles.
  7. After Installation Care.

Alfapen & Enviroment

Some Facts:

  1. Forests are essential for an agro based economy like Pakistan.
  2. Total forest area of Pakistan is 4.2 million hectares.
  3. 4.8% of total land area in Pakistan is Forest. Far below world standards.
  4. Per capita forest area in Pakistan is only 0.037 as compared to world average of 1(ONE).
  5. In last 30 years 48% of forest area of Kashmir has been reduced to less than 30%.....earthquake also played a major part.
  6. According to IRIN report 700,000 cubic feet of wood was cut illegally in Pakistan.
  7. There is a reduction in forest by 6% per annum in Pakistan which is quite alarming…cutting is usually done for fuel & furniture.
  8. Forest play an important part in preserving stable eco system.
  9. In Pakistan forests also protect the watersheds of Tarbela & Mangla Dams.

Solutions :
1.Preservation of Forest.
2.Strict monitoring against illegal wood cutting.